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Episode-269- The Front Yard Food Forest

Tony Teolis/ March 15, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Front Yard Permaculture Its been 3 Years since I tried to grow in the front yard. For more on that visit Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard  Since I’ve learned so much especially about swales and guilds and birds and bees and flowers and butterflies in the backyard it’s time to turn on the green in the

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Episode-254- Plant Fall Crops With Compost

Tony Teolis/ August 20, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Today’s episode is a three part video that show what I am growing for fall and how I’m going about doing it. Ron Finley said growing your own food is like printing money and I listen to him. The driving force behind my production is the compost pile I have in the back and this first video depicts it after

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Episode-253- Food Forest Fun Food Findings

Tony Teolis/ August 18, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

I have how the food forest started to get full all good things in June and this last part shows some of the reaping of all the sowing. Sure it takes a while to get something from my land but being able to plan for it and actually see it is all part of wanting to expand permaculture knowledge. The

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Episode-237- Hurry Up the Hot Peppers With Heat Mats

Tony Teolis/ April 12, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Resources Episode-105- Dehydrate Food For Savings, Storage And Use  Episode-210- What To Grow On A Quarter Acre Harvest The Habanero Hot Peppers

Three Things To Do For A Better Life

Tony Teolis/ January 27, 2014/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Three Things To Do For A Better Life – Now On Sale!

Episode-229- Blueberry Pie And Thoughts Of Summer Blooms

Tony Teolis/ January 26, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

As this cold winter drags on I find myself looking back to last summer as I plan for what this summer will bring. In short I want more of everything and last summer although we harvested quite a lot blueberries we only made one pie. Our goal this year is three pies. As such our blueberry harvest have to be

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Tony Teolis/ January 3, 2014/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

As the snow falls on this secondary of January 2014 I must get off my tail and firm up plans for spring. It may seem like a far way off but in just four weeks I will have to start seeds if I wish for a productive crop starting with green onions and parsley. Then it won’t be long before

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Episode-214- Mark Progress Since The Journey Start

Tony Teolis/ September 4, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

ChrisMartenson warns (The Periphery Is Failing) that there are only a couple of weeks or a couple of months left until the fat lady sings. That will mark the end of the continuous credit supply world banks have been providing to keep the party going. It’s an ominous scenario he presents and one not to be ignored. It also needs

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