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Fun With Past Episode-57- Make A Podcast To Market My Way To A Better Life

Tony Teolis/ August 17, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

It’s nice to be away from the cares of the regular day and I am having no regular day. Surrounded again by hula hoops, music and bikinis there’s really no other choice but to go for it when this kind of fun is within reach. Accompanied by my brother it is great to share the good things in life. Long

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Episode-178- How Do I Retire? Review Of The Savage Number

Tony Teolis/ May 17, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Today’s video presents a review of The Savage Number by Terry Savage. I got this book from the library in hopes to evaluate my plan to retire at age 55 and it did not disappoint me. Ms. Savage presents a number of methods and questions for evaluating the realistic goal of retiring and doing so without having to resort to eating cat

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Episode-173- Early Retirement Reality Check

Tony Teolis/ May 7, 2013/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

Last week I wrote about Social Security and how it was wise to not bet on it as a reliable source of income for the future. My writing mostly focused on the lack of control one has with that system and the dependence it creates. Pay now get later schemes have never been my cup of tea especially when the

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Episode-64- Smart Phones And Dumb Decisions

Tony Teolis/ March 20, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

    Disclaimer: This is just a story of trying to get a renewed dumb phone contract. Any resemblance to anything else is purely coincidental. Smart Phones And Dumb Decisions Smart phone questions: What will it produce for you today? How much will it cost you today in time and money? Is your life better than before your Smart phone? 6

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Episode-57- Make A Podcast To Market My Way To A Better Life

Tony Teolis/ March 6, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

To better understand this podcast and the driving force behind this episode in particular you may want to begin with episodes 16, 41 and 50. Those episodes focus on the third driver. Retiring by the age of 55 or younger. To reach this goal I have developed a 4 part plan and for me Podcasting is Part 3 of my

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Episode-50- Cancel The Cable Service – Early Retirement System Step 2

Tony Teolis/ February 21, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

EARLY RETIREMENT SERIES GrowMoreNow.com  Launched February 19, 2012. GrowMoreNow.com  Thanks to Jack Spriko and The Road to $100K  Disclaimer Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other than personal stories of what was required to plan and accomplish tasks for a personal to do list. No responsibility is to be attached to the owner or site for

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Episode-41- Save More Money To Retire Early

Tony Teolis/ February 3, 2012/ Preparedness/ 0 comments

I send this out to my friend who I’ll just refer to as R. the lady with lots of shoes. Thanks for the extra push to get me to get this posted. In episode 16 of the todolisthome podcast I introduced an explanation into the third driver of the this podcast and website which is retiring at the age of

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Episode-38- Be A Great Task Manager With Your To Do List

Tony Teolis/ January 28, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Push the play button for podcast and more information Song of the Day – Vivaldi – Vivaldi The 4 Seasons (Spring) I. Allegro   Video  Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Be A Great Task Manager With Your To Do List To Do List File ToDoList Template If you don’t write it don’t the thought never happened Executive orders Suggested

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