Episode-57- Make A Podcast To Market My Way To A Better Life

market your way to a better life

To better understand this podcast and the driving force behind this episode in particular you may want to begin with episodes 16, 41 and 50. Those episodes focus on the third driver. Retiring by the age of 55 or younger. To reach this goal I have developed a 4 part plan and for me Podcasting is Part 3 of my 4 part plan to early retirement. Of course this is in its early stages.

The four parts of this plan are:

  1. Save more and improve home production
  2. Assess and cut budget
  3. Develop income generating streams and assets
  4. Plan for future living

Additionally, the other drivers will also aid to the accomplishment of the early retirement goal because they are the right things to do. It’s right to pay back some of what I know, it’s right to build community and do it naturally and it’s right to promote the success of others and meet new people. Doing the right always leads to a better life and a better life for us is one in early retirement.

Getting back to part three of the 4 part plan Developing income generating streams and assets. In short I can’t sit on my ass and income generating assets to develop on their own. For me developing assets means developing something I own and have passion to build. This podcast and the todoluist home.com website started as my way of keeping track of the different things I do around the home related to repairs, gardening and beekeeping. All of these I approach with some sense of counterculture thinking which I has helped to set me apart from others all my life.

I’m unconventional, cheap and I wish to build my life with the examples that nature provides. Thus I think I am doing cool projects and I enjoy producing things. Keeping track of them on a website and youtube, twtter and facebook has allowed me to improve upon mistakes, share experiences and enjoy the fruits of my labor long after tasks are completed. I originally thought of podcasting because I wanted to build a website that I would want to visit.

Look I’m just an ordinary shmuck. There is nothing special about me. I am a mid forties American male with grave concerns for the future and young family ready to take it on. I figure there’s at least tens of thousands other guys and gals like me with similar thoughts and worries and wanting to take action. I know there are too many other greater shmucks out there who refuse to wake up to the reality of this 2012 American life and take something that they rely on others for and make it themselves. This podcast is my outreach to those folks who have a yearning personal change and growth and a willingness to take ownership of something they can produce for a better life. Thus the style of this site is designed to fit those who fit the description I provided. The audience is much like me and want information on the fly, have it portable, have it entertaining, have it provide value and in some way possibly make it lifestyle changing.

The podcast format is cool because people can download and carry wherever they go the information they want. This is radio without commercials and anything I do promote is something that has made my life better and it is something I believe in. The biggest things I believe in are growing some of your own food, producing useful animals honeybees in my case and doing my own home repairs without going broke or finding those small businesses that are out there doing great work for reasonable prices.

We live in such a pampered society that I am almost embarrassed to say I live in this age but I was raised to provide for myself and I take that responsibility seriously. Even though everywhere we go even if its just to the mailbox there are too many people lined up waiting to charge you too much to do something you should be doing yourself. It’s ridiculous. Most Americans are broke or going broke and on credit they continue to buy services that their grandparents would have been too embarrassed to consider.

That’s if for today now go and do something useful and do it safely.

I. For Me Podcasting is Part 3 of the 4 part plan to early retirement…early stages of course.

The plan to get this journey started:

  1. Save more and improve home production
  2. Assess and cut budget
  3. Develop income generating streams and assets
  4. Plan for future living

Develop income generating streams and assets

How I am doing this: Website Monetization

  • Affiliate programs:  Amazon,  1and1.com
  • Ad sense from Google
  • E-books
  •  DVDs
  • Advertising
  • Subscription/membership program
  • Network Expansion


II. As the tagline states we are keeping track of things to do for a better life. We have a desire to create lasting positive change. One of the most effective ways for doing this is journaling and this podcast and website is my journal along with the different social media I have become a part of.


Song of the Day –  Stained Glass – The Kibitzer – Video

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