Microgreens At Home Growing Begins Again #271

Microgreens in October      Arugala and Spicy Greens mix

In March 2015 I began growing microgreens and didn’t stop until the the outside growing season started to produce. There was at least a six week period of growing microgreens, cuting the green sprouts in stages, washing microgreens and best of all eating microgreens. I kept up with postings of video on YouTube on MyChannel but wanted to share the story here as well.

Episode-270- Microgreens To Grow At Home

It is time to get serious about winter preparations and growing microgreens is a centerpiece. I plan to eat tasty and nuticious greens all winter and I know I can count on myself to get ready for a productive system. I found time to Prioritize home winter prep projects and turned the green room into a beauty of a green growing room. Extra work and resources were called for and soon I will be able to present a much better operation. The microgreens are growing again so stay tuned for more on how they grow and how they taste.

Seeds from the SproutPeople.com



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