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Episode-190- Reap What I Sow – Peas And Turnips

Tony Teolis/ June 9, 2013

This is a follow up to Episode-158- where I showed how I was getting my spring plantings under way. I sowed turnip and snap pea seeds on March 30 and I started picking some of the rewards of my

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Episode-158- Start Spring Gardening Now

Tony Teolis/ March 31, 2013

It’s time to begin gardening now. The winter has been long and cold but it is now officially spring and March 30 was a fine day to begin to begin transplanting Swiss chard, parsley and endive. I also had

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Episode-23- How to Garden and Grow Vegetables in the Home

Tony Teolis/ December 28, 2011

                                             How to Garden and Grow Vegetables in the Home. Eat healthy salads all winter long. My indoor

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Tony Teolis/ October 2, 2011

Edamame Man 9-30-11 As you can see we are still harvesting and today we feast on edamame Japanese style. However, this weekend’s cold rains may have brought an early end to the summer harvests. Not to worry though as

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Garden Harvests and Blooms

Tony Teolis/ July 4, 2011

I wanted to add in something to accompany the video and production pictures to help keep track of how the gardens are producing. Already finished until next year or the fall are; spinach, loose leaf lettuce, radishes and bulb onions.

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Free Garden Tour

Tony Teolis/ July 1, 2011

YouTube Garden Tour At ToDoListHome.com Gardens. Wonderfully composed video of the gardens around ToDoListHome.com  Also watch on YouTube Tokyo73 ToDoListHome.com Gardens in June 2011 Music – Art of Gardens

Episode-6- Earthquake and Tsunami. What’s Going on in Japan?

Tony Teolis/ April 2, 2011

         Gardening chores Starting basil and pea seeds          Fixing up the grow light area          Grow Light set-up PowerPoint Home Chores Helping my daughter build a beehive for her school insect project: A backyard beehive of course!     

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