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Warm Up With This Winter Heat Review Part 2

Tony Teolis/ December 11, 2013

Here’s the video that show how I safely prepare the space heaters for an advancing winter storm of ice and snow. I also put the 12volt battery on charge to get ready for any power outage. The system I

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Episode-25- Put New Shingles On An Old Roof Safely And Accurately

Tony Teolis/ January 2, 2012

                               Put New Shingles On An Old Roof Safely And Accurately Safety first – Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other

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Episode-24- LEDs Energy Saving Flood Lights by Dorcy Review

Tony Teolis/ December 31, 2011

Song of the Day – Cosmic Charlie [Live at Capital Centre, September 25, 1976] Show notes Subscribe To Do List Home Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Gardening – We are taking Action for life and  permaculture in northern Virginia. Turning the

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Episode-21- Keep Warm. Watch My Review of Portable Heaters for the Home.

Tony Teolis/ December 18, 2011

The video for today’s episode is a review of the different heaters I use in the home during winter. The Lasko products I have had for 6 years and they still work great. The kerosene heater is the best

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Earthquake and Tsunami. Dr. Michio Kaku

Tony Teolis/ April 13, 2011

As you know from episode 6 I am watching what is going on in Japan very closely. From episodes 4 and 5 you will know I am a fan of Dr. Kaku’s books. Just give him a chance and

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Episode-1- Bike Safely, Save Money

Tony Teolis/ March 5, 2011

Fixing my bike and biking as an alternative means of transportation  I talk about the work I need to do to bring up to a better performance level. More importantly I’ll talk a bit about owning a bike and

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