June Is Here And You Better Be Ready For It!

Tough Mudder VA 6-13-2015

6-13-15 Notice the Finish Area sign!

Six months later it’s time to measure the commitment to get in shape for a Tough Mudder. I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve surpassed bigger preps in shorter times but this one is for the books. Which is why its here. Tough Mudder training requires time. Time to train, time to train harder and more time to train. At least a lot of training was required for me. First on the list of benefits noticed early on in the training program…no more daily back pain! That hasn’t hurt the to do list for the bees, gardens and more but regular postings took a break.

The episode model requires quality time to set them up right. However I have been posting to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Lots of. Lots of things going on besides being in the best shape ever.

Regular harvest of arugula, daikon, cress, kale, endive, romaine, basil, parsley, and chocolate mint and more means daily salad. It takes a lot getting one salad a day from the yard. Microgreens grow regualrly now and that helps the salad supply immensley. However starting plants early and growing them well followed by successive plantings is the key to the regular harvests we experience now. This year I’m lovin the arugula and that’s one of the successive crops added in to the pickings.

Money got made too on the website. The mason bees and their homes became popular. Next season’s brood seem even more plentiful than before.

Meanwhile the production doesn’t stop. Strawberries already turned to jam, goumi just about gone, basil paste made and stored, grapes growing strong, all over the place the gardens grow well. Raspberry around the corner, then blackberry, blueberry, cucumber, tomatoes, more and more.

Next book should really be a good documentation on how the backyard forest got built.

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