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Episode-252- Food Forest Part 4 of 4

Tony Teolis/ August 11, 2014

The fourth and final video of the series shows what is growing in the front yard. The guild around the magnolia tree is new this year and contains some perennial plants such as comfrey and hairy vetch that is

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Episode-228- Not So Squirrel Proof After All

Tony Teolis/ January 8, 2014

November 23rd, 2013 The birds in my backyard are loving the new bird feeders. They took to them very quickly and can be observed all day taking their turns gathering food. For the first time in my life I’ve

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Episode-216- Defend Honey Bee Colony From European Hornets

Tony Teolis/ October 1, 2013

    Vespa crabro better known as the European hornet is an additional menace for honey bees that I see hovering around my hives. They typically can be seen in my backyard in northern Virginia between the months of

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Episode-211- Fruitless Fall Book Review

Tony Teolis/ August 12, 2013

Fruitless Fall book review: 1. What I learned The difference between the waggle and tremble dances foragers perform upon their return with goodies from the field. Foragers do waggle dances when recruiting others to a good nectar or pollen

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Episode-209- Get The Word Out About A World Without Bees

Tony Teolis/ August 10, 2013

This episode was intended be a review of A World Without Bees but I left my notes elsewhere. So before that one I present A Fruitless Fall  by Rowan Jacobson, which is a play on words much like Silent

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Episode-208- Where Are The Bees In Colony C – Part 4 – Eggs, Larvae, And Hornets Oh My!

Tony Teolis/ August 5, 2013

The saga of honey bee hive C continues and the colony struggles along. During today’s inspection I saw eggs and larvae which could be reason to believe that the colony had a successful supercedure. There were a few of

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Episode-207- Backyard Japanese Beetle Battle – Part 2 – The Grape Grapple

Tony Teolis/ August 3, 2013

The grapple over the grapes continues as my initial lathering of the beetles in Surround WP did not eradicate these evil creatures from my 9 grape plants. This video begins with my attempt to control the beetles with a

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Fun With Past Episode-74- For 7-29-13

Tony Teolis/ July 28, 2013

Home production is in full swing except for the honey production side of operations there has not been much time other than to record all of the things going on and reaping various harvests. Last night the elderberries were

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