Episode-207- Backyard Japanese Beetle Battle – Part 2 – The Grape Grapple

The grapple over the grapes continues as my initial lathering of the beetles in Surround WP did not eradicate these evil creatures from my 9 grape plants. This video begins with my attempt to control the beetles with a mixture of neem oil and a little dish soap. The neem oil is to make them slippery and confused while the soap will make them sick in their guts. A few days later I noticed the beetles were unfazed or they have been reproducing like crazy and had enough offspring to continue on with their destruction of my grape plant leaves. All of the rain we have had has been great but it also washes the neem oil away easily.

I then move on to a mixture of the Surround WP I got from EdibleLandscaping.com with some dish soap. This time the intent was to coat the plants in a clay film again but with the added bonus of making the bugs sick. This is fun but it is something that requires vigilance and it still is not easy to get rid of the beetles. Keep watching for more because I do eventually win.


Song of the Day – Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way – Video

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