Fun With Past Episode-74- For 7-29-13

Elderberry just two weeks away from picking.
Elderberry just two weeks away from picking.

Home production is in full swing except for the honey production side of operations there has not been much time other than to record all of the things going on and reaping various harvests. Last night the elderberries were harvested for the first time and I will be making some elderberry jelly soon. Right now the berries are in the freezer for easy stripping from the stems.

The battle with Japanese beetles seems to be running its course. However, the alternating applications of Surround WP and Neem oil  seem have put a halt to their destruction of my grape leaves as well as plants. I have taken a no prisoners approach and pick off the unlucky late comers and toss them in a bucket with soapy water.

With this and more going on and more planned here’s a past episode for fun and insight on how Ben Franklin approached life at least for a while anyway. The worst that can happen is that you end up a better person. Stay tuned for what’s really going on to make life better. More to come tomorrow.

Episode-74- Ben Franklin And Things To Do For A Better Life 





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2 thoughts on “Fun With Past Episode-74- For 7-29-13

  1. I have tried for years to get elderberry to grow for me. Can you give me any hints and do you have a starts you would like to sell?

    1. I can only recommend who has helped me best and that’s the good folks at Give them a holler and they’ll be glad to help. Be sure to get 2 different kinds because cross pollination is necessary.

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