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Episode-265- Planting Season And Guide For Northern Virginia

Tony Teolis/ February 21, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

2015 Planting Times The 2015 Growing season is off to a fine start even though there is 6 inches of snow outside and the snow is still falling. The secret to my 7th growing season will be the same as it has been for the previous six. Plan and Prepare. It is obvious to me now that there are just

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Episode-237- Hurry Up the Hot Peppers With Heat Mats

Tony Teolis/ April 12, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Resources Episode-105- Dehydrate Food For Savings, Storage And Use  Episode-210- What To Grow On A Quarter Acre Harvest The Habanero Hot Peppers

Episode-235- Grow Your Own Green Onions And Chives

Tony Teolis/ March 3, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Follow along with the 2014 Planting Times To Do spreadsheet in Resources and you will note it is planting time and things will get quite busy. Next up are chives and green onions. My favorites! I love green onions and I especially like growing them at home because they are tastier and bigger than what can be bought in the store.

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How To Start A Garden Tip – Green Onions

Tony Teolis/ February 27, 2013/ Gardens/ 2 comments

Check out today’s short video on how to give green onions a hair cut so that they don’t outgrow their growing medium before their ready to go outside. Grow Light set-up Resources

Episode-48- Sow Seeds In Soil Blocks To Save Time, Money And Back Pain

Tony Teolis/ February 17, 2012/ Uncategorized/ 1 comments

PERMACULTURE SERIES Song of the Day – The Who – Baba O’Riley – Live Video Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Sow Seeds In Soil Blocks To Save Time, Money And Back Pain Introduction To Soil Cubes  The Soil Cube Tool TSP EPISODE-831- SEED STARTING PRIMER FOR 2012  Make your oil soil cube Also search for how to make your

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Episode-23- How to Garden and Grow Vegetables in the Home

Tony Teolis/ December 28, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

                                             How to Garden and Grow Vegetables in the Home. Eat healthy salads all winter long. My indoor green room will give you ideas on how to master your production. Song of the Day – Good Life Subscribe To Do List Home

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Tony Teolis/ October 2, 2011/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Edamame Man 9-30-11 As you can see we are still harvesting and today we feast on edamame Japanese style. However, this weekend’s cold rains may have brought an early end to the summer harvests. Not to worry though as the fall gardening includes diakon radish, beets, spinach and endive. Check out more of the 2011 harvests at Picasa Videos Gardening Planting

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Episode-2- Grow Green Onions and Chives

Tony Teolis/ March 13, 2011/ Gardens/ 1 comments

As mentioned in episode 1 the 2011 spring gardening has begun for me here in Northern VA. This is my third year as a producer of fruits and vegetables and one of the keys to my success has been All New Square Foot Gardening written by Mel Bartholomew  Mel is an engineer by training and his skills and experience have helped

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