Episode-235- Grow Your Own Green Onions And Chives

Follow along with the 2014 Planting Times To Do spreadsheet in Resources and you will note it is planting time and things will get quite busy. Next up are chives and green onions. My favorites! I love green onions and I especially like growing them at home because they are tastier and bigger than what can be bought in the store. Chives are perennial to some degree and propagate well while keeping certain pests at bay. Chives are versatile and can be stored long term through dehydration. Green onions can be dehydrated as well but I never seem to have enough to save.

You will see that my method this year is pretty easy with just the use of vermiculite and heat mats. Once the green shoots start sprouting as they are today I will move them to the lights. Then they will be transplanted to potting soil for further growing. Green onions go outside in just another 4 weeks while the chives have about two months to grow before being transplanted. However, the way the winter has been I won’t transplant the green onions until they have been hardened off a bit and the threat of temps lower than 25 Fahrenheit are minimal.


Song of the Day – Carly Simon – Anticipation – Such a Fitting Song for the Day and Times to come

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