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Song of the Day – The Who – Baba O’Riley – Live Video

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Sow Seeds In Soil Blocks To Save Time, Money And Back Pain

Soil cube mix

  • 1 part soil conditioner bagged compost
  • 1 part moisture control Miracle Grow Potting Soil
  • ½ part homegrown compost
  • ¼ part vermiculite
  • 1/8 part sand
  • ¼ part water
  • Mix well until consistency is thick but holds together
  • For lighter version do not use compost
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  1. Soil blocks are sure to grow and sure to be a “To Do” list around the house! Soil blocks are gaining in popularity in the USA due to the rising cost of oil-derived plastic pots and the garbage buildup of broken flats, plugs, and trays. We believe we have a cool video on soil block making that can help out your readers. See our full line of metal Soil Block Makers
    and detailed information on soil blocking at Making Soil Blocks . We also have a heavy duty plan for a DIY Soil Cube Tool .

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