Episode-1- Bike Safely, Save Money

bike maintenance
bike maintenance tools and equipment

Fixing my bike and biking as an alternative means of transportation 

  • I talk about the work I need to do to bring up to a better performance level. More importantly I’ll talk a bit about owning a bike and maintaining it for use as an alternative means of transportation.
  • Type of bike I have –  Jamis
  • On my bike I need to clean the chain, change tires, tubes, brakes
  • Where I got the parts
  • Why I bike
  • How I got my bikes – Craigslist.com – bikes
  • Where to get a bike
  • How to ride a bike – safety first http://bicyclesafe.com/
  • Maintaining a bike and keeping it secure
  • The savings and benefits
  • Good bike maintenance

Gardening chore

The 2011 spring gardening has for me here in Northern VA. Although the temperature is still hovering around 30 these days and 25 F at night spring will soon be upon and plants must be ready to go in the ground. At this part of the show I’ll just give a brief outline of what I’m doing for spring gardening right now. On February 13 I sowed bunching onion and chive seeds in vermiculite, let them soak water and placed them in the upstairs bedroom. The warmest room in the house. On February 20 after sprouts started to rise I moved the tray to under their lighting system. Today’s chore is to transplant them to a mixture of 1 part each vermiculite, peat moss and compost. Better known as Mel’s Mix. Mel Bartholomew of square foot gardening fame.

Song of the day  –  SEED –  Release (International Version) – Video 

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  1. I had to navigate back through each individual month to get to episode 1. I’d like to see additions to the interface to facilitate accessing archived episodes.

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