Episode-64- Smart Phones And Dumb Decisions


Disclaimer: This is just a story of trying to get a renewed dumb phone contract. Any resemblance to anything else is purely coincidental.

Smart Phones And Dumb Decisions

Smart phone questions: What will it produce for you today? How much will it cost you today in time and money? Is your life better than before your Smart phone?

6 Question Pre-Purchase Program

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Does anything I have fill the role now?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will it do for me and my family?
  5. How long must I work to pay for it?
  6. If I don’t buy it what difference will it really make?

Cell Phone Dying

  • bastards -battery
  • looking for new phone and provider for long time but as long as the old phone was still operating no need to change 
  • systems are all rigged to guide people to buy smart phones only and with mandatory data plans 
  • looking around me i don’t want to become like that – Are they happier? 
  • Tried to convince myself it would aid with building the TDLH.com net presence along with the sites I’ve built but was trying too hard to do so 

6 Questions

  • Smart phone questions: what has it produced for you today?
  • How much has it cost you today in time and money?
  • Is your life better than before you had your Smart phone?

For me the question is Not Can I afford it But what is the cost to my retirement? 

  • Formula ($35* 300)/$500 = 21 months retirement is delayed.  X= monthly cost, Y = monthly savings for retirement 
  • On $30 but what kind of taxes are involved that i don’t know up front? I already pay like $10 in my total communications taxes now for landline, high speed internet and cell phone. What would it be for 2 smart phones? 
  • Everything else is getting more and more expensive and that is not going to stop. I know I can’t predict the future but I guarantee you food, energy, water and all things integral to them are going higher. The majority of paychecks aren’t and it’s important to understand and accept and make plans for compensating the reality bearing down on us. 

Finally Got New Phones

  • It wasn’t as easy as it should be but my wife and i spent an hour online last week trying to determine if we would stay with Verizon 
  • compared all other plans – CNET – links 
  • my wife wanted a grandma phone and i wanted a free phone prices kept changing as screen were refreshed. 
  • they also try to get you spend money on unnecessary items on two follow up pages not one 6 questions again 
  • when the phones came I couldn’t activate them but Verizon customer service was pretty awesome. Katrina at a Michigan call center helped me out for about 20 minutes at 11 PM on Wednesday evening. The phones were switched.


Song of The Day – Neko Case  – Things That Scare Me (Cd) – Video

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