muddy path
path before fix
path being fixed
pathway covered


fixed pathway final
New walkway with clover on the sides

Problems posed if left ignored: sliding, rain runoff, more mud Tasks considered and carried out:

  1. slow down water flow with a straw filled swale along north side of the walkway
  2. landscape edging on both sides – real easy to work with and strong
  3. build up south side with top soil, peat moss, potting soil, hummus/manure to make the gulley more level
  4. Sowing the soil with winter rye and white Dutch clover
  5. Covering with a layer of straw to keep moist
  6. More pebbles to fill in the cracks
  7. Watering to ensure growth


  • Much more stable path now
  • Easy to transport trash cans to and from the curb
  • Can ride my bike over it.
  • Anticipating the heavy spring rains to see if this system work
  • Looking forward to what it will look like after the rye and white Dutch clover take hold


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