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Episode-41- Save More Money To Retire Early

Tony Teolis/ February 3, 2012

I send this out to my friend who I’ll just refer to as R. the lady with lots of shoes. Thanks for the extra push to get me to get this posted. In episode 16 of the todolisthome podcast I introduced an explanation into the third driver of the this podcast and website which is retiring at the age of

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Episode-38- Be A Great Task Manager With Your To Do List

Tony Teolis/ January 28, 2012

Push the play button for podcast and more information Song of the Day – Vivaldi – Vivaldi The 4 Seasons (Spring) I. Allegro   Video  Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Be A Great Task Manager With Your To Do List To Do List File ToDoList Template If you don’t write it don’t the thought never happened Executive orders Suggested

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Episode-34- Remove And Replace Grout And Sealant In Bathtub And Shower

Tony Teolis/ January 20, 2012

        January 2009                              September 2011                       December 2011                  Hyde Tools 19402 Professional Grout Saw Dap 18372 Ready-To-Use Kwik Seal Grout Repair 4-Ounce Pro Caulk Complete Caulking Kit

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Episode-33- You Have No Limits – Physics Of The Impossible Book Review

Tony Teolis/ January 18, 2012

What I learned from Physics Of The Impossible  There are three types of civilizations; Type 1 which can harness the energy of an entire planet, type 2 which can harvest the energy of a sun, and type 3 which can harness the energy of an entire galaxy. I learned that our world has not yet achieved type 1 civilization. Precognition

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Episode-16- Financial Independence

Tony Teolis/ November 4, 2011

  Glacier Bay, Alaska The Russian honey bee hive Preparing for winter Videos Gardening chore How to build a blackberry trellis for blackberries and other brambles Nourse Farms, South Deerfield, MA Videos Retiring at age 55 or younger What does retiring early mean? Can I handle it? Can my family? Why retiring early makes good health and wealth sense? The plan

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