Episode-34- Remove And Replace Grout And Sealant In Bathtub And Shower


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  • Hyde Tools 19402 Professional Grout Saw
  • Dap 18372 Ready-To-Use Kwik Seal Grout Repair 4-Ounce
  • Pro Caulk Complete Caulking Kit

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Remove And Replace Grout And Sealant In Bathtub And Shower

First a disclaimer: Regrouting a tile shower is a laborious messy and time consuming job.  The time and $ it takes can easily be justified in hiring a professional tile and grout restoration contractor. But we at todolisthome.com don’t like to give up so easily.

  • What I did
  • Why
  • How I did it
  • Resources I used – The tools pictured above and these sites
  • How to Clean a Ceramic Tile Shower
  • How to Regrout a Tile Shower
  • How long it took – I’m too embarrassed to print that. You’ll have to listen to the show.
  • How much it cost –  >$25
  • Who helped – my kids
  • What I learned – To keep your grout and sealant clean use a squeegee and sponge after each shower or bath. Ceramic tile showers should be cleaned every six weeks, and this can be done through a simple once-over with vinegar and water. Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning the grout in between ceramic tiles with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on ceramic tiles and housecleaning tips.
  • What I liked – My wife was proud of me when the job was finally finished. I also enjoy adding sweat equity to my home’s value.
  • What I didn’t like – The job took way too long!
  • Who this kind of work is for – Anyone interested in saving money but not necessarily time.
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