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It’s nice to be away from the cares of the regular day and I am having no regular day. Surrounded again by hula hoops, music and bikinis there’s really no other choice but to go for it when this kind of fun is within reach. Accompanied by my brother it is great to share the good things in life. Long live the Peach Music Festival.

market your way to a better life

To better understand this podcast and the driving force behind this episode in particular you may want to begin with episodes 16, 41 and 50. Those episodes focus on the third driver. Retiring by the age of 55 or younger. To reach this goal I have developed a 4 part plan and for me Podcasting is Part 3 of my 4 part plan to early retirement. Of course this is in its early stages.

Episode-57- Make A Podcast To Market My Way To A Better Life 

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