Episode-229- Blueberry Pie And Thoughts Of Summer Blooms

As this cold winter drags on I find myself looking back to last summer as I plan for what this summer will bring. In short I want more of everything and last summer although we harvested quite a lot blueberries we only made one pie. Our goal this year is three pies. As such our blueberry harvest have to be even bigger and they should be with the number of bushes we have and the growth they will experience going into their third year. There are thirteen blueberry bushes in the yard and they are wonderful. The bushes are of three different varieties all explained well in the links below and in today’s video. It’s not too late at all to visit NourseFarms.com and research for your backyard order today. While you’re at it get some strawberries too and you won’t be disappointed. Sure it’s more work than getting your food from a store but like Guerrilla Gardener Ron Finley say “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” Get in on the game while you can because you know you should. Stick around for Part 2 coming soon.


Song of the Day – Rat Dog – Live Sugar Magnolia 

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