Episode-214- Mark Progress Since The Journey Start

ChrisMartenson warns (The Periphery Is Failing) that there are only a couple of weeks or a couple of months left until the fat lady sings. That will mark the end of the continuous credit supply world banks have been providing to keep the party going. It’s an ominous scenario he presents and one not to be ignored. It also needs to measured in preparedness for uncertainty. The last time we went this round there was not a roof of own over our heads, food stores on hand nor a clear understanding of asset protection. He could be wrong in the timing but not in the overall assessment. Whatever goes up must come come down is still the true curve of the markets and to ignore the warning signs will lead to peril. However, to get the complete breakdown of the latest market developments Chris wants $30/month. I don’t recommend that but I do recommend a view of his Crash Course condensed or full version  None the less in recognition of his warning it’s important to take stock in how much better prepared we are than when we started the journey 5 years ago.  

It’s time for a reality check on the knowledge gained through lots of experiments filled with successes and failures. Mostly successes and most other things are in continuous motion. That’s the fun part of taking care of all that’s going on around the property. Based on where things were at the end of summer 2008 and where they are now I have to admit the value put into the land is reaping rewards. ToDoListHome.com sets out to provide


Beekeeping   2011 – Present

  • Three colonies of Russian honey bees
  • Top bar and Langstroth hives
  • Homes for other pollinators

Gardening – 2009 – Present

  • One quarter acre filled with perennial fruits and vegetables
  • Annual plantings of mainstay vegetables
  • Storing harvests for future use

Preparedness – 1995 – Present

  • Eight years of living with hurricanes and earthquakes in Japan
  • Waking up after Hurricane Katrina and before the 2008 crash
  • Learning more all the time from jack Spirko at TheSurvivalPodcast.com

More than that this year I have hot peppers stored long term, more pickles than I care for, all the mint and sage needed for a winter along with parsley, thyme, oregano, basil and garlic. Not a bad list so far. The honey is not to be found this year as the sole remaining Colony D Top Bar Hive heads into its final winter preps. We are still at too great a risk with reliance on electrons flying across wires and through the ether of the World Wide Web. Yet we stand more prepared to face what the future holds. Home and life maintenance projects are carried out by yours truly and there’s been tons of $ saved along with a mountain of knowledge gained. I must note that they sometimes do take a while to get done.

Get yourself prepared and if things stay the same or even get better then the knowledge you will have gained will supply you with wealth into the future. Keep coming back for more on Honey Bees, Gardens and Preparedness and share your plans with us.


Song of the Day – The Allman Brothers and Bob Weir – Live Good Morning School Girl


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