As the snow falls on this secondary of January 2014 I must get off my tail and firm up plans for spring. It may seem like a far way off but in just four weeks I will have to start seeds if I wish for a productive crop starting with green onions and parsley. Then it won’t be long before tomatoes and peppers and lots of other stuff are growing under lights in the green room. Before that and more can happen I need to do these things now to aid in the permaculture development that is my yard. If I want this experiment to work well then I have to work well to get it to the level I envision. At least that is as much as I can do in my yards I will. Permaculture takes time and resources. I depend on my profession for my resources but little by little I am bringing  productive resources online in the yards. That is only with the kind and helpful support of my favorite small businesses.

  1. Order bees from KelleyBees.com – another colony would benefit from the flowers all over the yards. Press forward with two hives for comparison and interchangeable parts. DONE – Couldn’t risk waiting any longer for this because the bees are expensive and soon to be very hard to find.
  2. Build another hive – have to put the new bees somewhere and I have enough Langstroth equipment but if I have another top bar and the thrive hive D makes it through not just to spring I will have easy comparison and exchange. Another hive will be handy as a lure in case of a swarm. Yeap’ won’t be long til I get antsy about swarm but we’ll see how well Phil Chandler’s management ideas can be employed for situations I may encounter. BioBees.com
  3. List up bee supplies from BrushyMountainBeeFarm.com – honey b healthy, pollen, fondant. I like spreading out the bee business.
  4. List up seed order SouthernExposure.com – Peas, Beans, Pepper, Cabbage, clover, rye, and more – I better get moving because I want to try potatoes again this year in the newer and older hugely beds. I also want to sweet potatoes the right way and plant them in May. Found nice set orders for both sweet potatoes and gourmet potatoes
  5. List up live plant orders – ediblelandscaping.com and noursefarms.com need to have their orders. Hmmm. Strawberries, peach, apple, blackberries, small nut tree? Low lying plants.
  6. List up for yard care – bird seed – Keep up w/ Project FeederWatch – Ringer fertilizer, trimmer
  7. Make plans for deck permaculturenwith attractive self watering containers. Tomatoes, basil, parsley, pepper, eggplant, and more can all be done like this on the deck. Cabbage and lettuce in totes w/black plastic. Flowers, don’t forget the flowers and other herbs.
  8. Get it all visioned and scoped out on paper now.

Things to do each month for a better life.

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