Episode-253- Food Forest Fun Food Findings

Carpenter bee on the bee balm
Carpenter bee on the bee balm

I have how the food forest started to get full all good things in June and this last part shows some of the reaping of all the sowing. Sure it takes a while to get something from my land but being able to plan for it and actually see it is all part of wanting to expand permaculture knowledge. The knowledge that I put to use as I built my main tree plants in guilds and I am getting to the point where those guilds will come together more and more over time.

The upper swales have really taken to producing a bounty of marigold, comfrey, what I hope is June berry, chocolate mint, catnip, cucmbers and sunflowers. The large main swale is full of life too with bean and sunflowers, strawberries, beans, habanero, Chinese basil, cucumbers, catnip, asters, parsley, basil and goumi berry. Oh and there’s goji berry and edamame galore.

I didn’t mention the grapes yet but they have once again been attacked by Japanese beetles and I had to take action against them without haste and that lasted for what seems to have been 6 weeks. That is long battle but as long as I was diligent about removing them when seen I only had to spray them with the clayish Surround WP. Same thing with the Kiwi. The beetles were wrecking havoc on the leaves of the three kiwi (2 female, 1 male) but regualr watch and remove practice allowed them to survive to get on one more big strong end of summer growth spurt. The entir arbor is almost covered in strong green growth.

You’ll see that there is a lot of edamame all over the place. So far it seems to have worked. I have great big edamame plants just about anywhere I look. I prmised my wife I would grow a lot and try to do it well this year after a few failed years. More improtantly I was challenged with trying to time the harvest with her return froma  trip. It seems to ahve worked. She is due back soona nd the beans are getting nice and full. Took some to the Peach and they were awesome. There is more and more throughout and more video will follow to show how things look in August.


Song of the Day – The Allman Brothers Band – Jessica (EPIC Version!!!); Wanee Festival 2014-04-11 

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