Episode-250- Food Forest In Full Swing Part 3/4

This third installment of the Food Forest in my bakyard show how the backyard extends to all around the house. Beginning on the south side I show the raspberries which produced about 18 pounds of fruit this season! Going to make wine now that the jam is stored. Of course the raspberries depicted in this video only make up about half of the total raspberry plants. We harvested about 12 pounds from the south side plants and 6 or more pounds from other plants scattered throughout the property.

Also shown is the passion fruit flower vine I am going to train along the south side. There is also a blood orange tree, fig tree (which is making a recovery), the strawberry bed and more flowers such as 4 O’clocks. Interspersed amongst all of these are thyme, marigold, oregano and beans. The area depicted is about 90 square feet in total.


Song of the Day – Dumpstaphunk – Public Service (Jay-Z) – Vivrant Thing (Q-Tip) Official Bear Creek Video

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