Backyard Permaculture in August
Backyard Permaculture in August

It is now past the middle of August and summer has played out beautifully and better than planned. I began August at the Vibes and just got back from the Peach. Lockn not far away and this is possible because of good planning around the idea of meeting people and making new friends where the best music is happening. Part of my gratefullness is in the ground in form of pea seeds and more to sown tomorrow with Buckwheat, Daikon radish, beans, and carrots. Not sure what will work out of that but it don’t cost much to try.

Reaping your crops and sharing them is such a fun thing to do. I had beans and edamame with me at the Peach and it was just so easy to make friends with fresh garden green beans heated to perfection. One of my meals even got me two hugs. This gardening stuff is paying off well. Thus, planting more now is not bad idea to get some things through the fall.

Going forward there is so much to do and so little time. Garlic and onions have to be ordered again from and I need bulbs from I need to see what I should be doing for the bees and think about how to prep them for winter again. I have 18 pounds of elderberry in the freeze that has to move now to someting fermented. So I need good plan and recipe for doing that. There’s also about 12 pounds of raspberries that can be put to similar use.


Things to do each month for a better life.

Song of the Day – Peach Fest 2014 Trey Anastasio Band First Tube

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