Glad to be prepped for winter but it is sad that the cold muck of this weather is just starting. The bees are all tucked in and I hope they have enough of their own honey to get through the winter. There is no food growing and I have yet to see worthwhile growth from the mushrooms. The brambles and fruit bushes are all brown and shriveled and it is hard to remember what they looked like at the height of their bloom. All is not as gloom as the weather though as Project FeederWatch has paid off as a fun learning experience. I just provide the seed and watch the birds brave their way admist hawks and squirrels. Hopefully one bag of seed will last 2 months. I still have another feeder to finish and I might place it too as it seems there are a number birds to enjoy the sunflower seed provided I can make it difficult for the squirrels to get. Thanksgiving is how we close out the month. Thank you Michele and Sam and family. No better way to be thankful than with their yard full of squirrels, turkey and rabbits and shotguns.

Things to do each month for a better life.

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