Episode-225- Watch Project FeederWatch Week 2

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video must be worth more. Thus, there is not much for me to include in this session because I only want to show how easily the birds in my back yard have taken to their new feeders. I didn’t know anything about the birds in my backyard and I figured there were only hawks (evidence of bunny fur gives them away), cardinals and Robbins and of course crows from time to time. Now I know there are at least three other species including tufted titmouse and chickadees, and those are depicted in today’s video.

They are being serviced by two bird feeders that the squirrels are regularly competing for as well. Luckily they don’t seem to be feeding at the same time. I have more to say about the squirrels in the next bird related video. For now just enjoy the video of the birds and take some time to consider joining project feeder watch as I have. Making the feeders was half the fun. I have another feeder to finish and it will be interesting to see if other species enjoy it. For now I will relish in the thought of learning more about my backyard with just a small effort of wanting to be helpful.



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