It is April 19, 2014 and the moment of truth is fast bearing on production here at ToDoListHome.com. The Green Room is full of seedlings, many of which need to be transplanted tomorrow. The Top Beehive is surviving and last week was treated for Varroa, fed, treated for Tracheal mites and new beetle blasters were installed. The next package of bees arrives this week along with lots of big stuff to plant. Apple and peach trees along with every kind of berry will be in the ground this coming week. I just hope the sweet potatoes hold off on shipping. That reminds like it or not here come more strawberries, horseradish and rhubarb to plant too.

It’s been a hard week as the temperatures dropped, icy rain fell and the long johns had to come out of storage again. I wonder if the mason bees survived. The grapes and peach tree required covering and I hope that worked. Asparagus started to pop and then stopped. The bulbs were blossoming and then stalled. The grass is getting tall in the one area left to cut. Writing of which reminds me that the work tomorrow should focus on removing more grass in the back and guilding all the bushes as much as possible.

So many things to do and so little time to do them. It is just a matter of prioritizing the ToDoList. To get an idea of how I do that take a look at the Resources below. But first it’s time to go fishing!


Things to do each month for a better life.

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