The rising backyard food forest
The rising backyard food forest

The dog and I were just outside this evening in the dark and its not just the ole sloping backyard instead it’s a sponge full of life. It has rained 6 of the first 12 days in June 2014 and for that we are grateful. Almost a full two inches in a time when it’s usually scarce. The dearth might be coming but for tonight it’s alright and it will last. The swales and hugel mounds all over the place have formed an inhabitalbe landscape full of life big and small.

The hard work of the winter with all the care and expertise had led to over 300 plants being put into beds. Not really beds but a series of systems all connected through mounds or watery trenches. Little by little the food forest grows. The plants are just starting but seem enourmous already. Is that a sign the honey bees aren’t doing so bad? I’ll take a peek tomorrow to drop in some more feed but they don’t need it now even if they seem to be struggling. The new hive is 5 bars long. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to see how strong. Hive D looked to be without its queen but time has passed enough for a new majesty.

All of the hard work is growing up nice and green outside all around the house. The strawberries may be finished but there’s one hell of a raspberry crop getting ready to pop. It’s soon time for blackberries, more kale and other greens. The garlic scapes or flower stalk are being plucked and mashed for pesto. Yummm.

Getting into guilding this year was key and the new hugel keyhole bed will soon be full of food. I predict 10 feet tomatoes and 12 feet sunflowers with cucumbers growing nicely all around. There’s mint and marigold and beans to be found and it’s only just beginning.


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Song of the Day – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes – Let’s Get High

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