Episode-243- 7 Steps For Growing Tasty Tomatoes

 Solanum lycopersicum

The tomatoes have been in the ground long enough now that I had to set up a trellis for the five biggest ones that are growing in the new hugel keyhole garden. 

The time has come to start trellising the tomatoes
The time has come to trellis the tomatoes

They will eventually cover the trellis and more and then there are squash, pepper and cucumber plants growing near them as well. What you see in the video was taken back in April. They have grown well since and I was able to plant 10 of the 12 tomatoes I started. I just didn’t have roopm for more in a spot where they have not grow for the past 4 years. Tomatoes need to be rotated on a four year cycle to avoid disease and pests. They also seem to grow best in brand new gardens. The tomato plant like the cucumber and squash palnt have a great ability to get the most out of the soil in which it is placed. To get the tomatoes off to a good start I concentrate on buidling a huge root system by laying them down. It seems counterintuitive but that’s what makes great tomato plants that produce profusely.

Easy Tomato Tips

  1. Lay tomato plants down on their side in a trench layered with crushed egg shells.
  2. Surround and cover with fine soil
  3. Water well
  4. Mulch much
  5. Build a trellis
  6. Pick those runners
  7. Make lots of sauce for winter


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