Episode-254- Plant Fall Crops With Compost

Today’s episode is a three part video that show what I am growing for fall and how I’m going about doing it. Ron Finley said growing your own food is like printing money and I listen to him. The driving force behind my production is the compost pile I have in the back and this first video depicts it after 4 months of steady production of that black gold goodness.

Made from 4 pallets initially and then expanded to 6 pallets. This allows for excess compost to degrade to a finer substance than what is shown in the video. You can see from the healthy worms in the compost that when this stuff gets mixed in the backyard it is like protein powder. Boom what a shot to the arm this stuff makes for growing food!

The second video shows how I grid my seeds for easy planting and to allow enough growing room. Once the seeds are sown I water them in well and cover with straw for water and heat retention.

Watch and learn how compost is the centerpiece to my masterpiece of a backyard. I just realized from this third video that the European Hornets are hanging out near the bee hive again this summer!


Song of the Day – Allman Brothers – Peach Music Fest 2014 One Way Out

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