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Episode-232- How To Pick The Best Blueberries Part 2

Tony Teolis/ February 3, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

Here is part 2 of my blueberry harvest video from summer 2013. You can easily note how much I enjoy picking fresh blueberries from the garden. Get in on the fun and start making your own produce at home. NourseFarms.com in Massachusetts is ready for your order of blueberry plants, starwberries, elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and more. Don’t forget to get

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Episode-229- Blueberry Pie And Thoughts Of Summer Blooms

Tony Teolis/ January 26, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

As this cold winter drags on I find myself looking back to last summer as I plan for what this summer will bring. In short I want more of everything and last summer although we harvested quite a lot blueberries we only made one pie. Our goal this year is three pies. As such our blueberry harvest have to be

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Episode-194- Test Soil pH To Grow Better Blueberries

Tony Teolis/ June 17, 2013/ Gardens/ 0 comments

          The blueberry plants have been in the ground for over a year and I have been aware for some time that just a few of the bushes are doing really well. They all have blueberries and nice branches except for one that has not yet bore fruit and another that has not sprouted branches. Overall they seemed

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