Episode-194- Test Soil pH To Grow Better Blueberries

          The blueberry plants have been in the ground for over a year and I have been aware for some time that just a few of the bushes are doing really well. They all have blueberries and nice branches except for one that has not yet bore fruit and another that has not sprouted branches. Overall they seemed to be doing well and the foliage and colors are in line with my expectations. My...

Sepp Holzer’s Educating Permaculture Video Teaches Important Rules

Permaculture is best explained by understanding and practicing certain rules. Watch Sepp Holzer's Educating Permaculture Video. It teaches the 2 most important rules of Permaculture. Listen, observe and interact. Cooperate with nature don't confront it. Subscribe To Do List Home Videos Gardening Planting Times