Episode-194- Test Soil pH To Grow Better Blueberries


The blueberry plants have been in the ground for over a year and I have been aware for some time that just a few of the bushes are doing really well. They all have blueberries and nice branches except for one that has not yet bore fruit and another that has not sprouted branches. Overall they seemed to be doing well and the foliage and colors are in line with my expectations. My children and I started these plants from bare roots in April 2012 and by September the leaves had turned brilliant hues of red and orange as expected.

Now that blueberries are on the branches it’s time to take growing them more seriously and I did so recently but looking at the pH levels of the soil for each of the plants. It’s something I should have done at the time of planting last year but I didn’t have any means to do so other than sending off boxes to the county extension office for a hefty price. I remember only doing cursory glances on Amazon for soil test kits but didn’t feel they were necessary at the time. Now they are necessary and you cann how easy it is to find and use the RapiTest pH kit.

For just $1 per test my daughter and I were able to test 10 of the 12 blueberry plants growing in the back yard. We did this on Mothers’ Day when the weather was still cool and the results we share with you are quite varied from the extremely acidic to the very alkaline. Most of the plants required a lowering of the pH levels. The blueberries are split into two sections and one was much more alkaline than the other.
The video goes on to show how I use soil acidifier, sand and pine bark mulch to amend the soil towards a lower pH. In one case I had to add lime, potting soil and pine bark mulch to raise the pH for a plant that was not developing branches.

I had my first homegrown blueberry yesterday and I am glad I finally took the time to checks the soil pH for the plants. The blueberry was wonderful of course and there are many more to pick so it is only fitting that I go the extra step to ensure that the plants have a great chance of being regular and prolific producers in the back yard. I thought I had prepared the soil properly and I should have checked it sooner. But as I close in the video nature is most often forgiving enough to allow one to admit mistakes and make corrections. Don’t forget to do the same yourself. That’s it for today now go and put something productive on your property.


Song of the Day – Burmese Song (Blueberry) – Video

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