Episode-91- Plant Fruit And Vegetables From Nourse Farms Part 2

Nourse Farms located in Whatley, Massachusetts has become part of the establishment at ToDoListHome.com. For three years I have received and planted asparagus, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry from Nourse Farms. This year we received more plants and expanded the plantings with blueberry and elderberry. We also planted more asparagus. This time purple passion asparagus was planted in a 2 foot by 8 foot by 8 inch hugelkulture bed. Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and planted 5 more blackberry and 5 more raspberry for a total of 20 and 17 respectively and they keep growing.

The video for today’s episode shows how we prepare and put the plants in the ground. Video for part 1 is located in Episode 90.  Enjoy and stay tuned. Send me your questions on planting berries and asparagus and check out the other great resources listed below.
In today’s video

  • What plants came from Nourse Farms
  • How to prepare the plants before planting
  • Prepping the soil and putting in the plants
  • Special precautions for different plants
  • Grow what you eat and eat what you grow – We really love berries. The elderberry will produce elderberry flower champagne and elderberry wine.
  • Who should get plants from Nourse Farms?
  • Anyone who wants to garden
  • Gardeners who only want to do the hard work once
  • People interesting in preparing for high food costs. Especially high berry costs.


Song of The Day – Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know – VIDEO

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