Episode-253- Food Forest Fun Food Findings

I have how the food forest started to get full all good things in June and this last part shows some of the reaping of all the sowing. Sure it takes a while to get something from my land but being able to plan for it and actually see it is all part of wanting […]

Episode-252- Food Forest Part 4 of 4

The fourth and final video of the series shows what is growing in the front yard. The guild around the magnolia tree is new this year and contains some perennial plants such as comfrey and hairy vetch that is sure to come back next year with its multitudes of striking purple flowers. I chuckle as […]

Episode-250- Food Forest In Full Swing Part 3/4

This third installment of the Food Forest in my bakyard show how the backyard extends to all around the house. Beginning on the south side I show the raspberries which produced about 18 pounds of fruit this season! Going to make wine now that the jam is stored. Of course the raspberries depicted in this […]

Episode-249- Food Forest And Permaculture Showcase Part 2/4

Here is part 2 of the food forest videos. This video shows how the swales that I built in the backyard have matured to the point where they now support hundreds of plants. That is no exageration and the goal is to have them eventually fill out with the fruti producing bsushes such as Juneberry, […]

Episode-248- Food Forest And Permaculture Showcase Part 1/4

I finally get a chance to share with you a view of the food forest I have envisioned growing. The backyard is a web of interconnected systems. It is not a forest yet as full production will take several more years. There are apple and peach tress that have to come online yet and the goji, […]

Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard

      Show highlights I hate cutting grass and seeing energy go to waste Originally planned to explain how the front yard will become a food forest How I have been planning to increase gardening activities to the front yard Read and watched too much information motivating me to turn the front lawn into a garden […]

Episode-45- Recycle Waste To Make Compost and Grow More Food

My appeal to growing food was enhanced by the idea of valuing all resources and not letting anything go to waste unnecessarily. This is what defines Permaculture Principle #6. Permaculture consists of 12 principles defined by Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren as an approach to designing human settlements and perennial agricultural systems that […]