Episode-248- Food Forest And Permaculture Showcase Part 1/4

Spring 2014

I finally get a chance to share with you a view of the food forest I have envisioned growing. The backyard is a web of interconnected systems. It is not a forest yet as full production will take several more years. There are apple and peach tress that have to come online yet and the goji, goumi, juneberry, and other berries have some time before they will become productive. In the meantime there is still plenty to keep us all busy. we have about 12 pounds of raspberries in the freezer that will become part of a wine or mead or and of course sme jam. That’s actually cooking up right now. The blackberries are producing and more were palnted this year to aid in the proliferation of berries in the yard.

Summer 2014

If you have been paying attention at all the goal is to have the sweetest home in the neighborhood. The grapes are entering year two and the battle with beetles has not yet abetted. The bees are out pollinating and gathering and the mason bees seemed to be a great experiement despite all of the anthropomorphic harm that unintentionally came their way.Cocoons are waiting til September for harvest and a fall/winter fridge storage. Garlic aroma fills the guest bedroom as that is where about a hundrded cloves are curing. The shallots are curing the garage. Basil paste is being stored without haste and the production of two versions of that plant Chinese and Italian are ongoing.

But enough about how the production is moving along and keeping us busy. Today’s video is a realization of a vision from a non-productive sloping and barren backyard to one that is fun to mold into the fantasy food forest it is fast becoming. Enjoy and stick around for parts 2-4. Thanks and let me know what you think and your questions on how you can do the same.


Song of the Day –  Dispatch  – Flying Horses LIVE

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