Episode-247- Easy Way To Provide Water For Honeybees


It is taking me time to catch up on all the things I have been recording around the home from the beginning of spring but I get to things eventually. Today’s video was taken in April before the spring was in full swing. I’m at the point now where my management cycle has been tested enough that I know when to bring certain systems online. I built this site to help me keep track of all the cool projects I have going on with the intent of eventually building a bountiful food forest. Good food forest management depends on animals above and below ground. Many of the critters I have no control of their actual placement I can only encourage things to attract the animals I want. For example, getting worms to come to till my gardens is easy if I build the gardens and the compost bins with the right material. Once there I never worry about them.

Honey bees on the other hand are another matter. I specifically go out of my way and spend money on them to get them in the mail and manage them through to winter and spring survivability. The bees I have to worry about or I shouldn’t be keeping them. One of the things they require to keep them in my yard and happy is plenty of water. Last year I presented 4 easy ways to provide water for the bees and I revisit that today but with change for eeasier management of how water is supplied for the bees and gardens.

The rain catchers are not shown in the video because I did not have them out in April and I still do not have them out. The birdbath bee waterer does fine for the intended purpose and the drip watering system combined with the water retention of the swales and hugel mounds makes other resources for water redundant. If I foresee water resource issues as the summer progresses then I may bring the rain catchers online but right now my other hard work is paying off just fine.


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