Episode-169- Grow More Plants For Food And Fun

In today’s video I show the plants that came in from EdibleLandscaping.com of Afton, Virginia. These plants were grown in my state and very suitable to the northern Virginia climate. I started with EdibleLandscaping.com in the late fall by planting grapes, kiwi and a peach tree. They have done very well so far by surviving the winter and growing leaves and flowers in the spring. The service from EdibleLandscaping.com was so great that I ordered a lot more plants in the winter and they arrived on April 18. 50 plants in all!

It took me about 2 hours to put them all in the ground and now we have cranberry, wintergreen, sage, lavender, violet, rosemary, more blueberry and strawberry plants too. The plan is to turn the yard into something of a mini food forest. I know there are lots of wildlife who will enjoy what I have done but there’s enough for all of us. At least I hope so. The food forest aspect is based on growing as many perennial plants as possible. They only need to be planted once and if all goes well they will be productive.

So far the success I have had with asparagus, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and straberries from NourseFarms.com of Whatley, Massachusetts has given my family the confidence to do more and soon we’ll need more ideas on how to make the most of our space. First though we’ll watch with wonder how nature takes its course and supports the various backyard biology we have started. The bees will certainly feel lucky to have such a variety of plants to visits.


Song of the Day –  Yonder Mountain String Band – Two Hits – Live Video with Morning Dew

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