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Revolution begins with taking control of my food. America’s biggest export is top soil. Each year America exports through its waterways enough topsoil to fill a train full of box cars that can wrap around the earth 7 times. American lawns and industrial farming make waste of one of our most vital resources. It’s actually a matter of grave national security when you think about it.

What I learned from Food Not Lawns

  • Lawns use ten times as many chemicals as industrial farmland.
  • American lawns also consume more than 270 billion gallons of water each week.
  • How to make plans for recycling grey water or the waste water from washing clothes and dishes.

What’s really good about this book

  • Ideas for how to easily incorporate permaculture principles into any home gardening plan.
  • Easy to follow plan for building community.
  • How to conduct outreach activities for influencing the practices of your neighbors.

Food Not Lawns is a must read for

  • Beginning gardeners because it will open minds to the long term vision that will eventually develop.
  • Gardeners who want to learn methods for making their gardens more productive while diminishing irrigation and maintenance needs.
  • People who want to play an important role in the future of America.

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