Episode-118- Physics Of The Impossible Review

What I learned from Physics Of The Impossible…

  • There are three types of civilizations; Type 1 which can harness the energy of an entire planet, type 2 which can harvest the energy of a sun, and type 3 which can harness the energy of an entire galaxy. I learned that our world has not yet achieved type 1 civilization.
  • We’re barely surviving as we balance between destroying the earth and making the best of its resources. There are a lot of possibilities for humankind if we can make it past being a type 1 civilization. But that could still take a thousand years or more.
  • The most interesting thing I learned from physics of the impossible was that precognition or the ability to predict the future is impossible. In fact if it ever became possible to predict the future then the known laws of physics would have to be rewritten because such an act would violate causality or better known as the laws of cause and effect.

What I think is really good about this book

  • After you read it you will have knowledge that whatever you want in life is possible as long as it doesn’t violate the known laws of physics.

Physics Of The Impossible is a must read for

  • Anyone who believes too readily in impossibilities.
  • Anyone who challenges themselves when they are told by others that something is impossible.
  • People who are stuck in their belief systems and never venture from the edge of safety.
  • People who help other people in any profession would find this book useful for providing encouragement.

Song of the Day  –  Joe Nichols – The Impossible – Video

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