featured on the The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show

Join Holly and Joey Baird of as they talk about ways to being self-sufficient without having a farm. Web Radio link  I come on at minute 63 Listen in for special segments such as vegetable of the week, garden tip of the week, what’s going on in their garden, Aunt Holly’s Homemade Happiness. Plus special guest this week, me, Tony Teolis, from   They talk with me about home food production, beekeeping, permaculture and hugelkultur.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What made me decide to turn my home into a producer and not a complete consumer of resources.
  • What principles I apply to my life and backyard in order to achieve the lifestyle I want.
  • Why I decided to become a beekeeper and how it’s been going.
  • What books and techniques I recommend to help others learn how to become productive with their land.
  • My latest book.

Check out the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener YouTube Channel 

Thank you Holly and Joey!

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