Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard

before permaculture June 2009
before permaculture June 2009
Winter in the Old Backyard




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2 thoughts on “Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard

  1. I have the same issues. I’m planning to create some very large beds in front yard by connecting some trees via beds (take out the Bermuda grass/monoculture) & plant perennials in the beds. I want as little grass as aesthetically possible! I’m also going to enlarge my front beds that surround the house & companion plant there. I have a sloping backyard that meets a stone retaining wall that surrounds the backyard (60-100′ feet from back deck which is 50″ off the ground, I plan to put pavers in & put IBC totes under deck for rain harvesting). I plan to put swales in the sloping area in very back & plant fruit trees on woody berms (hugel) from the swale creation and companion plant there too. On the small backyard (between deck & retaining wall) & side yard that stays very damp, I’m going to build rain garden (with food perennials & beneficial plants). Wish me success (& a strong back :-). Hamp

    1. All the luck to you buddy. I just built another new hugel bed in the back. I had a patch of just grass and figured it was time to stop cutting it. My back is fine now but Sunday and Monday were rough.

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