Episode-54- Fishing Report – Catch More Freshwater Fishing – Book Review



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What I learned from The Art of Freshwater Fishing

  • How to choose proper fishing equipment and use it properly
  • How to tie a few new knots
  • Where to find fish

What’s really good about this book

  • The manner in which the techniques are written
  • It taught me how to hook and land a 28 inch Channel Catfish and a 20 inch Largemouth Bass
  • Sound advice about avoiding buying equipment or tackle that you will never need

The Art of Freshwater Fishing is a must read for

  • Beginning fishermen or people who may have taken a break from one of nature’s greatest sources of entertainment
  • People who want to easily teach others the art of fishing from the basics to complex techniques
  • People who enjoy being outdoors with nature and learning some of its secrets
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