Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist

12V battery 800W power supply
Emergency Power Supply
From top shelf down – battery charger, 800W inverter, 12V battery, voltmeter

Click photo for how to build an 800 Watt battery power supply.

There’s a storm a comin this is the kind we cannot bug out for because home is our safest place. Heavy wet snow with the ability to down know down power lines and freeze the roads will last until 3:00 AM Thursday in the DC metro area. For folks in the area this is the last chance to gather supplies and hunker down. 

The weather this afternoon was sunny and in the higher 40’s so I finally put in a properly sized piece of styrofoam in between the bars of the top medium and inverted inner cover of the beehive being sure to leave the vent open. I didn’t do it right the first time and had to open it again and got stung once or twice for my efforts. The bees seem to know what’s coming and they didn’t want me around. I also put some extra straw all over the rosemary plants. The rest of the plants seem to be mulched as best as possible already.

For the rest of the preps:

  • beer – check
  • food (dog food too) – check
  • water – check
  • heat sources – check
  • battery power supply, charged and ready – check
  • flashlights, radio – check
  • walkie talkie and cell phones charged – check
  • car in garage – check



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