Episode-154- How To Get In Shape And Stay That Way

At todolisthome.com we’re all about honey bees, gardens and preparedness. One tenant of preparedness is wealth and we build wealth through good health. Good health is a result of eating right, getting enough sleep and exercise. So far for most of my life I have been practicing at least 2 of the three. I grew up in a funeral home and know that I’ll sleep enough when I’m dead. The trick is to not lose so much sleep that my body suffers as a result.

Although the road to wealth and financial independence seems arduous it is only so because of my dependence on systems of sustenance that are a fact of life living these days. However, little by little those systems are identified and my dependence on them is diminished over time. In past episodes regarding early retirement I have identified a four part plan to gain financial independence  But financial independence is useless if I’m not well enough to enjoy it. Thus I begin to explain my plans for getting in shape and staying that way so that the ultimate goal of greater independence is not only achieved but enjoyed.

Getting in shape and staying that way for me has been a tenant of my life since I was about 13. I used to get my ass kicked a lot for growing up in a funeral home or just being me and then luckily my older brother left behind his barbell set when he left home. And even more luckily for me I took them pretty well. By the time other kids could see me benching 200 pounds and being on the football team my days of getting my ass kicked were numbered except for the being on the dog team during football practice.

Football instilled in me some good discipline for wanting to be strong and stay that way and I continued with regular exercise. But I let things go to hell for a while and before I knew it I was in US Army basic training getting my ass kicked again. I left training with a renewed vigor for being in shape and staying that way and that vigor has remained for the past 20 plus years since I was discharged.

I have been around the world and ran and pushed the groud wherever I was. The achievement I have made have been in large part possible to the discipline and mental sharpness that exercise has given me.
Now that spring is just 12 days away it is more important than ever to maintain a discipline routine of exercise because soon I will need all the muscles I have in the gardens. And since I spend so much time in the gardens the time exercising will be greatly diminished.

If you have been following along at all you know I am cheap and as such my routine for getting in shape and staying that way has no membership fee attached to it. I do yoga for back pain, stretching and mental satisfaction. I ride my bike pretty much every day to get to work and take the dog for a run. I still weight train and having just a couple of dumbbells and a $20 set from WalMart has been more than enough to get strong. I recently discovered some awesome fat burn cardio workouts on YouTube that have proven again how easy it is to kick my ass. And doing this episode has renewed a desire to share more about each these routines in detail in future episodes. For now I provide the links to get started at Todolisthome.com and in the future I’ll explain more about how great each of these routines can make your life better. At very least if you don’t end up rich you will end up smiling and feeling like a million bucks. Thanks for watching you all come back now ya here.

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