Keep Auto Windows Clean For Free And Check Supplies


Hi Folks,

Winter weather is hitting northern Virginia pretty good this weekend and I wanted to share a trick from western PA. I’m not sure if that’s where it started but I was trained by my father to always put cardboard on the window shield and rear window. Just turn off the vehicle in mid wiper swipe. I have a rear wiper but for those vehicles without one you can open the trunk, slip in edge of the cardboard and then close it. The cardboard will hold in place. You will be pleasantly greeted each and every winter morning with no ice, frost or snow to remove. This will allow you to get going on time and save costly gasoline by diminishing the need to warm the vehicle.

It’s also a good time to add or check on your vehicle’s emergency supplies. Be sure to include the following:

    • AAA card
    • water – 24 hours/person
    • food – 24 hours/person
    • dog food – 24 hours/dog
    • Emergency blankets
    • fire starters – lighters, flint starters, etc.
    • candles
    •  vehicle oils
    • jumper cables
    • 50 ft. of rope
    • duct tape
    • flashlights
    • spare batteries
    • scraper
    • cardboard
    • flares, warning triangle, etc.

Stay safe out there.

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