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Episode-212- Grow Tall Sunflowers With Compost

Tony Teolis/ August 22, 2013

Today video depicts a few months of the growth of one patch of sunflowers I have growing. There are dozens of sunflowers growing this year and the big ones were started in indoor back in April. The patch depicted today however was grown from just planting the seeds in a small 2 foot square patch of ground in the front.

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More Carpenter Bees Bouncing Back In The Bee Balm

Tony Teolis/ June 27, 2013

Today’s video captures More Carpenter Bees Bouncing Back In The Bee Balm. Xylocopa virginica The Eastern Carpenter Bee is alive and doing well in my back and front yards. There are lots of them around and they seem to be easily please with any of my many flowers. the honey bees…not so much. Although I do have plenty of them bringing out the

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Episode-138- Check Varroa Counts Mite Drop In Honey Bee Hive

Tony Teolis/ December 3, 2012

The Varroa Counts Mite drop count in both hives is extremely low and the survival of the honey bees at least through the winter seems possible. It has been one week since I greased the board and when I went to check today there were only a couple of mites on Hive A’s board and none to note for Hive

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Episode-137- Why Are Honey bees Dying – A Closer Look

Tony Teolis/ November 26, 2012

Today’s video is another depiction of what honey bees experience on the throes of death. the way I have the bees set up in the gazebo allows for a view of dead and dying bees. This is unique in that many beekeepers do not have a means to easily see dead and dying bees displaced from their hives.

Episode-136- Bees In The Fall Prepping For Winter

Tony Teolis/ November 18, 2012

Insulation for a honey bee hive.   If you like watching honey bees you will love this video. I took some great film of the honey bee hives during a warm day on November 10, 2011. The temperature was 70 degrees F in northern Virginia. The last video I posted featured many honey bees in throes of death. I was

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Episode-52- Keep Honey Bees Healthy In Winter

Tony Teolis/ February 25, 2012

BEEKEEPING SERIES Song of the Day – HoneyBee  Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Honey Bee Photos Videos Gardening Honey Bee Hive Inspection February 18, 2012 The beauty and awe of the honey bee hive is especially striking on this wonderful warm winter day Hard at work making the most of every opportunity. Notice the pollen being brought

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Episode-31- Bees Prepping For Winter Making Beautiful Honey

Tony Teolis/ January 14, 2012

October 9, 2011, last full inspection before winter. The Russian honey bees are busy prepping for winter making beautiful honey.  Watch the bees prepare for winter and see how much golden honey they have made. Someday I’ll get some. Music credit, Danosongs.com, En La Brisa and  Blue Devil Plain. Song of the day – With Or Without You  Show notes Subscribe To

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Episode-28- Honey Bees Are Alive And Well

Tony Teolis/ January 7, 2012

                  Song of the Day – The Blue Danube (Waltz), Op. 314  Show notes Subscribe To Do List Home Music – Blue Devil Plain Honey Bee Photos Videos Gardening Honey Bee Hive Inspection January 7, 2012 What I did Why How I did it Resources I used – Beekeeping For Dummies, recipe for

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