Episode-52- Keep Honey Bees Healthy In Winter


Song of the Day – HoneyBee 

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Honey Bee Hive Inspection February 18, 2012

  • The beauty and awe of the honey bee hive is especially striking on this wonderful warm winter day
  • Hard at work making the most of every opportunity. Notice the pollen being brought in!
  • The bees are healthy and active and still have plenty of stored food
  • How to conduct a beehive inspection in winter
  • Proper precaution taken with smoke and veil
  • The number of dead honey bees cast out of the hive
  • Items required for the job; bee suit, tool hive, spray bottle with a little bit of honey bee healthy, camera, and sugar
  • Hive is nice and clean
  • Only a few dead mites noted
  • Beekeeping For Dummies – the perfect resource for this kind of work
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