Episode-136- Bees In The Fall Prepping For Winter

Honey Bee Hive Cover

Insulation for a honey bee hive.


Winter warp for hives
Honey Bee hive winter wrap. Styrofoam and black paper.

If you like watching honey bees you will love this video. I took some great film of the honey bee hives during a warm day on November 10, 2011. The temperature was 70 degrees F in northern Virginia. The last video I posted featured many honey bees in throes of death. I was able to film what my honey bees are going through as they die because

of the unique location of my hives. I have two and they are both now located in a gazebo. They are on stands and it is very easy to see the throngs of dead bees being cleaned out of the hives or tossed to a death outside. The bees know when to remove other sick bees and I have more of such toss outs captured in the next film. But today’s subject is what the bees look like above all the death below.

The hives were active and healthy last week during an awesome three day spell of 70 degree F weather. They were quite driven to take advantage of the weather and sunshine and gather more stores while could. The following week was the coldest yet with temps going to the low 30’s F. Off they go into winter. Cluster well bees.

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